"Our objective: to involve everyone in continuous improvement."

FINSA Management Model (FMM)

We have developed our own Management Model with a basic objective: achieving the involvement of all our workers in the daily management of the Company..
This ambitious project, which gives priority to team work, is organised around the little improvements each worker can provide every day to build the Company in which she or he would like to work in.
The principles of this philosophy of work are embodied in the establishment of standards which are easily understood and applied by all of us, which allow the transmission of knowledge and the implementation of systematic processes that offer the best result possible at every moment. The fulfilling of the procedures adopted is guaranteed through daily audits.

The "hórreo" represents for us the essence of this authentic commitment to improve and generate value. In the day-to-day activity of the company, this Model pursues the identification and removal of those operations that do not generate value.