“Desde su fundación, para Finsa han tenido un papel importante muchos proveedores que han sido excelentes compañeros de viaje y nos han ayudado a ser lo que hoy somos.”

Our suppliers


Finsa regards its suppliers as a very important part of the chain starting with them and ending with customer service. This is clearly shown in our Management Model.
Many companies enjoy a stable relationship with Finsa, based on providing a good service, reasonable prices and good product quality. A relationship such as this is dependant on mutual trust and a professional working style. Just as we demand respect, we also regard professionalism as indispensable, and all our suppliers can rest assured, knowing their proposals will be valued with the same thoroughness Finsa requires from them.
There are different laws that govern relationships between companies, however, should any supplier feel that its rights have been violated, Finsa has all the necessary human and organisational means in order for the Company Management to deal with such grievances.
We would also like to highlight Finsa's greatest strictness in doing away with any preferential treatment to any supplier which is not backed up by distinct professional qualities. Likewise, no company shall obtain any benefit in the relationship if it tries to gain any favour through methods other than those that are strictly professional. Moreover, all our staff has clear instructions regarding the terms of the relationship with Finsa's suppliers. Such instructions include a sanctioning code for employees and the exclusion of the supplier from any professional relationship with Finsa in the case of improper practices.
Over the eighty years of Finsa's history, many suppliers have played a very important role in our company, and which have been excellent travelling companions and which have helped us become what we are today. Likewise, we have always tried to help those that are loyal in their work with this company. Based upon these assumptions, any company that feels it can help us improve and that has the necessary means can approach Finsa's different procurement services and will be properly received.
To all of them, thank you for your cooperation