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DUO Range finishings

  • Atlas

    Woodgrain structure. It provides naturalness and character. The contrast between the highest and lowest parts creates a visual game that reinforces the depth feeling.

  • Boreal

    It combines depth and brightness levels. Together with ondulations it achieves an effect of freshly cut veneer and multiplies the aspects of wood.

  • Ideal Glow

    Gloss texture. Deep reflective and shiny finish. Available now in all DUO 1220 width decors.

  • Ideal Matt

    Matte Anti-fingerprint texture. High end and silky.Available in all DUO 1220 width decors.

  • Mesura

    Apparent simplicity because it combines different sizes and depths. All to get a renewed oak pore, discreet but with a silky touch and current brigthness.

  • Nude

    A finishing with the look and feel of leather, matt.

  • Sandy Pore

    Gently undulating linear pore

  • Sega

    Transverse finishing

  • Soft III

    Smooth texture and matte gloss

  • Supermatte

    Very smooth texture and a highly matte gloss

  • Teide

    Finish that combines very well with both mineral and metallic designs.

  • Textile

    Texture with the appearance of woven textile