Finlight is a light board that consists of thin MDF faces (FIBRANOR) and a light MDF core (Iberpan 300).


Finlight is an innovative board which allows a considerable reduction in weight, making its handling easier and more comfortable. Its surface allows lacquering and coating with decorative materials, such as natural veneer, stratified HPL or finish foil paper. Some of the advantages in the use of FINLIGHT are the following: Lightness: Considerable reduction in the weight of large pieces with great dimensions. Resistance and stability. Exceptional resistance to bending, improved by the own composition of Finlight (it consists of three solid boards). Easy-to-handle. Finlight allows standard handling processes, cuts and edge-bandings. Range and design. Wide range of thickness and qualities. Finlight can be adapted to any type of context and application. Logistic advantages. Perfectly optimised regarding transport and storage. Other advantages: Finlight optimizes the use of raw materials, so it helps preserve the environment. E1 classification: low formaldehyde content.

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FINLIGHT is a highly versatile product. It may be used for varied applications, such as: - Home furniture: shelves, tables, wardrobe doors or sides, interior doors, passage/sliding doors, among others. - Office furniture: desk tops, etc. - Furniture for fairs and stands. - Screens and partitions. - Accessories for shops and decoration. - Worktops.

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  • MDF


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