COMPAC PLUS is a compact medium densitiy fibre board.


COMPAC PLUS is an ideal product for indoor uses where there are high and persistent moisture levels throughout time. Its density is above 1000 kg/m3. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties, such as resitance to traction, resistance to bending, modulus of elasticity and resitance to impact. All these properties, along with its stability, make COMPAC PLUS a unique and high quality product which is also decorative, easy to machine, cut and drill. Besides, it does not need further treatments. E1 classification: low formaldehyde content. COMPAC PLUS sufaces allow coatings with different materials (melamine, high pressure laminate, natural wood veneer...). This product is also available with a melamine coating: COMPACMEL PLUS, for which we have a wide range of finishes and designs. Contact our Commercial Network for further information.

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Especially recommended for indoor uses: sports furniture, lockers, benches, WC divisions or wall hanging toilets (with no contact with the floor), doors, wall cladding, labs, hotels, office equipment.

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  • MDF


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