Rocamora Arquitecture

Los expertos nos cuentan su experiencia

Rocamora Arquitectura (, develops simple solutions as a result of complex intellectual processes, a philosophy that has led, since 1999, to its public recognition through multiple architecture, urban design, interior design and museography competitions, and even through prestigious publications in specialized media. Angel Luis Rocamora Ruiz, the founder, combines teaching, as a professor at the Department of Graphic Expression and Cartography of the University of Alicante, with the development of innovative projects at his technical office with three direct collaborators, plus an experienced team of external professionals in different areas of graphic design, engineering, archaeology, graphics and audio, etc.

Rocamora Arquitectura finds in Finsa's wood solutions, innovative products for dry architecture, with a high degree of reliability all the way through, from beginning to end, both in terms of time as well as in economic terms.

Today we shall present four projects where the close monitoring of the implementation process and the optimum choice of materials provide an efficient, sustainable and contemporary end result.